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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

REVIEW: WVU News Profile

WVU News Profile (originally written March 2003).

This is one of the very first reviews ever written for The Brice Kennedy Show. It's also unique because it's from the perspective of a college student doing a profile on yours truly for WVU News.

Profile: Brice Kennedy and His Show
by Rachel Spadowski
College News Reporting Course
West Virginia University, March 12, 2003

A steady white hand holds a green plastic cup under a running water faucet in what appears to be a bathroom sink. Water builds up quickly, coming dangerously close to overflowing. After a short fade to black, the scene cuts to a beautiful girl with short dark hair sleeping peacefully on a bare mattress and wrapped up in a single blanket. The camera zooms in on the unsuspecting female and the hand holding the dark green cup again emerges, moving slowly but steadily toward the victim.

With a sudden motion, the hand overturns the cup, spilling cold water down the neck of the unsuspecting girl who shoots up out of bed and gives forth a pathetic sound. Her pale face, framed by the tousled dark hair, displays a distraught look - a combination of shock, anger and slight humor. She throws her arm out to strike her attacker - someone she knows well and works with. She is Heather Tennant, victim and co-host of "The Brice Kennedy Show". The man responsible for the assault is the host of the show.

A trick like this is one of the tamer stunts performed by the star of the show, Brice Kennedy. With his mischievously sparkling blue eyes and boyish grin, Kennedy himself never quite knows what he will dream up! This local celebrity, a 27-year-old who was born in Morgantown, has his own camera crew and his own film equipment. Unlike Jay Leno or David Letterman, Kennedy creates his own humorous skits alone with the help of only a few friends.

When Kennedy first had the idea of creating his own show, he was disappointed to learn that Morgantown had no public access television channel that could broadcast his project. However, after discovering that Pittsburgh was a relatively close location that did have public access, Kennedy began work and soon filmed the first episode of his show there. However, after finding Mountain Digital Channel 7, which airs closer to Morgantown (in Preston County), Kennedy decided to move the filming location.

During his first episode, which was taped in Pittsburgh in October of 2000, Kennedy interviewed a French intern named Nathalie Evrat from PCTV, Channel 21. Evrat, who must have taken offense either to Kennedy's mild jokes or to the naked co-host Tennant, who streaked across the stage during the taping, asked if she "had to stay" for further conversation. When Kennedy made it clear that she did not have to, Evrat promptly took off her microphone, stood up and strode out. "I honestly didn't mean to offend her", Kennedy said with a look of slight confusion.

After Evrat's unexpected exit, Kennedy sits bewildered at his desk, wearing a shiny silver shirt. Tennant, seated on a mahogany couch and clad only in a pink robe after her streaking incident, quietly states, "That's the price you pay for art."

Kennedy asks her to repeat the statement, which she does. He likes the direct and implied meanings that her words offer and he urges Tennant to chant the phrase with him. With a slight giggle, Tennant complies. Kennedy says it again, banging his hands on his desk emphatically.

On February 5, Kennedy taped his fifth episode and interviewed Emmy award-winning director Jacob Young, who is best known for directing the film "The Dancing Outlaw" featuring Boone County man Jesco White. The upcoming sixth episode promises to reveal new stunts. He hopes that Morgantown residents will soon have the opportunity to see his show. As to whether he will ever have the show on the air in Pittsburgh, Kennedy really isn't sure.

However, "The Brice Kennedy Show" has recently moved its taping location to the Monongalia Arts Center in downtown Morgantown. Previous shows were taped in various locations such as The Digital Domain Theater in Reedsville, Pittsburgh and Mansfield, PA. Viewers can now catch the half-hour show Saturday nights at 11 p.m. on Mountain Digital Cable Channel 7.

Although the interview segments are taped in the theater, Kennedy and his crew also work to capture funny moments on camera outside of the studio. Many of these little scenarios are taped in Kennedy's own apartment - a little place in Dellslow.

Kennedy has produced five episodes and featured several guests. "I just try to pick people to interview who I think the audience will find interesting. Although I can't say that I've had a favorite, one of the guests who stands out the most in my mind is Eric McGuire. We had been planning his appearance for a while and it just worked out really well. He's also in the entertainment business and, as a performer, he knows how everything goes. It's nice to interview someone who knows what it's like to do the interviewing," Kennedy said enthusiastically.

Currently, Kennedy is in the process of building his own production company, which will be called New Arena Pictures. He is no stranger to the movie scene. Just cruise over to www.IMDb.com and check out his adventures on the Internet Movie Database. The 27-year-old has already made several appearances such as the organ player in the CBS miniseries "Mama Flora's Family" and as Devin in "Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2". Kennedy has also been filmed in several TV commercials and has some behind the scenes experience.

From day to day, Kennedy draws on experiences and random thoughts to spark his imagination for upcoming show ideas. His onstage personality and his presence outside of the studio are one and the same. Kennedy never seems to stop making people laugh. Every once in a while, he won't be able to contain his own amusement and you'll get a quick glimpse of his dimples.

After high school, Kennedy worked for a while and attended both West Virginia University and Fairmont State College. "I liked WVU but college just wasn't my cup of tea... at least not at the time," he says. It appears he has since found his cup of tea.

Later, Kennedy joined the Army. After basic training, while he was stationed near Atlanta, Georgia, he heard about a casting call for a CBS miniseries, which he attended. He was chosen as an extra, then landed a featured role complete with a close-up. So his first ever television appearance was for a national audience.

In addition, Kennedy has written his own script, "Shooting Home". In "Shooting Home", which is a semi-autobiographical comedy, Kennedy serves as director, writer, producer and editor. The film, which he plans to be feature-length, has not yet been shot. The entire movie will most likely be filmed in Morgantown late this year. Because it is Kennedy's own production, he can hand pick the actors and actresses for the film.

On a clear day in Morgantown, Kennedy and his camera operator arrive at Patteson Drive. Sporting a white "Brice Kennedy Show" t-shirt and a pair of swimming trunks over his head, Kennedy marches out into the oncoming traffic and pulls his pants down. The white mesh part on the inside of the trunks conceals his identity as oncoming traffic slows down. Some folks go around him, some come to a complete stop and plenty of them yell at him.

Now these little pranks and crazy stunts can be seen live on "The Brice Kennedy Show". It just recently opened itself up to a live studio audience for TV tapings. With this recent improvement, Kennedy can actually involve audience members in his stunts and jokes. Those who have ventured into the studio to watch the show never quite know what they'll get. The host of the show has been known to bring some crazy moments to the stage, including the alternative personality Johnny No-Name and his trusty sledgehammer for destroying an object or two!

Though it may seem like Kennedy already has his hands full, he also sometimes takes the opportunity to fund his creative outlets by videotaping important events such as weddings. Since he is creating his own production company, he already owns the equipment needed for professional video production. Kennedy has worked in the field for several years earning the necessary experience to produce videos for events such as these.

Fans can find updates, mp3s, pictures and additional information on the web at www.bricekennedy.com. The colorful site is easy to navigate and provides ample information on Kennedy and his show. Viewers can also sign the guestbook and comment on the show, his movies or anything else they like.

Kennedy says that while producing each episode seems to take a long time, doing the show has been a rewarding experience. He and his small crew shoot plenty of material, often for extended periods of time, to fill thirty minutes worth of "The Idiocy" for each show.

The slim, dark-haired guy known as Brice Kennedy brings humor to the screen not only with his amusing antics but also with his warm personality. His energetic persona could draw even the quietest guest out of his or her shell. With Kennedy's past accomplishments and current activities, there is no doubt that we will be hearing more about him in the future.

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

Sunday, May 24, 2020


Brice, alongside The Greatest Guest Larry Nelson

This is it! Episode 6 is the last episode of The Brice Kennedy Show! This is your final chance to… okay, so it’ll be on the internet forever but STILL… it's the last show! Description below!

Episode 6: At the MAC, 34 min
Guest: Larry Nelson, Musical Guest: The Zwiener Brothers, Co-Host: Jamie Arnold

The sixth episode of The Brice Kennedy Show is all about the legendary radio announcer/deejay/emcee/godlike human Larry Nelson. As engaging and charismatic as anyone could be, Larry could've easily commandeered The Show at any point he felt like it. Moving on to the mortals, The Zwiener Brothers, Billy and Dan Zwiener - the animal suit-clad members of the band Sandra Black (see: Episode 5), do the rock and the roll as only they can. Plus, as co-host, the golden-voiced, U92 deejay Jamie Arnold knocks it outta the baseball diamond park! Taped at the Monongalia Arts Center on April 10, 2003, the MAC would turn out to be the perfect venue for Episode 6. It's always been said that if The Show were to continue, it'd be at the MAC.

The Brice Kennedy Show: Episode 6 on YouTube

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Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Biography of Brice Kennedy

The biographic biography of the biographical subject


Brice Richard Kennedy was born on November 27, 1975 in the college town of Morgantown, West Virginia. As a child, he relished any and every opportunity to perform for his family and friends by acting out skits and doing impressions of family members and celebrities such as Pee-wee Herman, "Macho Man" Randy Savage and Kermit the Frog.

Brice's teenage years marked his first foray into filmmaking with his fictional "TKN (The Kennedy Network)" and "Channel 64, West Indies, Africa" video series. The "Second City Television"-style videos featured numerous mock TV show segments including several variety shows, a cooking program, horror movies and professional wrestling shows where he squared off against the likes of pillows and stuffed animals. These videos also marked the debut of his squinty-eyed, banshee-voiced, tongue-flicking alter ego, Lester P. Mallory. His English teacher encouraged his creativity by allowing him to use the videos for a school project. So when the "premiere" was held in class, Brice got his first real taste of a live audience... and was hooked.

In high school, he took center stage in theatre productions performing on the same stage where the legendary Don Knotts, one of his idols, once stood. He always had a penchant for performing but it was here where he also fell in love with the art of acting.

After high school, Brice studied acting, film and video production at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, a media arts center. He also took several acting courses at West Virginia University. While serving in the U.S. Army, Brice was cast as an extra in the CBS miniseries "Mama Flora's Family".

On the second day of filming, he was recast in the higher profile part of an organ player. Landing this featured role would substantially boost his chances of actually getting screen time on network television as it called for an incredible full screen close-up. The premiere was TV's highest rated show of the week, besting all programs including the season premiere of "The X-Files". Brice's close-up made it into the final cut of the film and was seen by millions of viewers nationwide.

From there, he went on to supporting then starring roles in a string of independent horror and science fiction feature films, collaborating often with B-movie filmmakers Mark and John Polonia. Many of these films received national distribution deals and can be seen via Netflix and Blockbuster. Most are also available through retailers such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and other outlets. Some films have even seen international releases in places like Japan and France with one film in particular, "The Da Vinci Curse", even making a brief appearance at the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival.

The movie "Holla If I Kill You" would fulfill one of Brice's lifelong dreams - acting in a movie shot in New York City. The adventure also provided a unique "six degrees" connection to his greatest comedic influence, Tom Green. He shared a scene with the talented Mia Amber Davis, who co-starred alongside Green in the memorable DreamWorks feature film "Road Trip".

For the Warner Bros. biopic "We Are Marshall", Brice was cast as the stand-in for actors Brian Geraghty and the great Ian McShane. Another "six degrees" connection was provided as the film's director, McG, would later go on to helm "Terminator Salvation", a sequel to one of his biggest inspirations in movie making, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day". The shoot was significant in and of itself but the highlight came in a scene where Brice was fortunate enough to be directed personally by McG.

His favorite project came in the form of another lifelong dream - hosting his own TV show. "The Brice Kennedy Show" mixed studio guest interviews and musical performances with his trademark nonsensical lunacy and overtly absurd brand of performance art. A range of local celebrities and bands were featured on the show and scores of erratic stunts and abstract spectacles were showcased to entertain/confuse his audience. The madness aired on local public access TV and all six episodes of "The Brice Kennedy Show" can be seen online via YouTube.

He was also cast as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy for the "Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II" web series but regrettably couldn't commit to the lengthy project due to prior engagements. His acting work further extends to short, industrial and student films as well as local TV commercials and voice-overs for both radio and television.

His interest in film and TV isn't limited to being in front of the camera. While acting has always come first, his love of filmmaking runs a close second. Behind the scenes, he has performed crew work on numerous independent films serving as Second Unit Director, First Assistant Director and Camera Operator, at times under his own New Arena Pictures banner.

In addition to movies, Brice has spent a considerable amount of time working in commercial video production. After years of working for several other production companies, he formed his own - Twenty Seven Productions. It began as a side venture and later developed into a full time business where he produced local television commercials, weddings, dance recitals and other live event videography.

Brice has also worked behind the scenes in radio and television. While at WDTV NewsChannel 5, the local CBS affiliate, he ran audio, video, computer graphics and directed newscasts and specialty shows. He later went on to work as a weekend news reporter. Covering everything from traffic accidents to elections to county fairs, he spent many weekends driving all over North Central WV from one story to another. He was working the night of the Sago Mine disaster, which tragically killed twelve coal miners. The local, national and international news media had been reporting that the miners were found alive. However, a law enforcement source confirmed to the station off the record that the truth was actually the exact opposite. So, in a sad and chillingly surreal turn of events, Brice found himself one of only a couple of dozen people who actually knew the grim truth of the story hours before the major news networks… and the rest of the world.

After leaving WDTV, he began working for a local radio station in a technical role. His time in radio would be short however, as he soon left to start his new business. Just before leaving, he was offered an on-air position as a traffic reporter and, though he was interested, turned it down as the wheels were already set in motion with his new video production company.

Rounding out his media experience, Brice also dabbled in print modeling, spent some time as a high school broadcasting technical instructor and has written several film production articles including one published in the monthly adult horror publication Draculina Magazine.

After appearing in ten feature films, the TV show and other works, he now considers himself retired from acting though, of course, that could change in an instant. Still, film and video production have been placed firmly on the backburner as he has shifted his creative focus exclusively toward another passion - music. He is currently concentrating on further developing his voice, guitar and songwriting skills and plans to record and distribute his own music. There are many sonic landscapes to explore but he expects to first land somewhere in a fuzzy alt-rock realm surrounded by lush instrumentation and ambient electronic elements.

Over the years, Brice has worn many hats and played many roles, both figuratively and literally. His work in various fields of media and entertainment has spanned much of his adult professional life and entertaining in one capacity or another is something he plans to continue indefinitely.

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
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Monday, May 18, 2020


Brice, about to be assaulted by a shark!

Five Alive! Remember those? Those were delicious. Anyway, it’s Episode Number Five of the television show. Watch it and try not to lick the screen because I’m delicious, too. Description below!

Episode 5: The Idiocy Eternal, 37 min
Guest: Jacob Young, Musical Guest: Sandra Black, Co-Hosts: Danny Cameron & Todd Bowman

Episode 5 is marked by the very witty and very Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Jacob Young. An EMMY! He directed "The Dancing Outlaw", giving rise to the Wild and Wonderful Whites including Jesco himself! The musical guests for the evening are none other than Sandra Black, one of the very best bands in Morgantown/Anytown. Also, in an unprecedented move, camera guy Danny Cameron and sound guy Todd Bowman pull double duty as co-hosts. Why, you ask? The soon-to-be-christened (that night, actually) new co-host had to bow out at the 11th hour and this is the best a little public access show could come up with, okay? Not funny enough for ya? I don't have a joke for everything, ya know! Is that a big night for you, coming down here and tormenting me?! Anyway, taped on February 1, 2003 at The Digital Domain Theater, this marks the only time The Show held back-to-back TV tapings at the same location.

The Brice Kennedy Show: Episode 5 on YouTube

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

REVIEW: Cranked On Cinema

We're so cranked we're practically ON crank! (review originally written October 2010)

So this review comes to us from our Canadian friend Jamie Lisk at Cranked On Cinema. Jamie has a way with words and thankfully, his words are all very kind! We didn't even have to pay him off or ANYTHING! Unfortunately, Cranked On Cinema is no more and the link we're using is from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine so apologies for the odd formatting. Still, I'm cranked!

Cranked On Cinema review

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Dominion Post: TV Tapings

The Dominion Post covers The Show once again! (originally written January 2003)

The Dominion Post is back again with another article on The Show for their Marquee entertainment section. Written by Pamela Cyphert Queen, this piece focuses on the upcoming Episode 4 TV taping, our first with a live audience!

The Dominion Post article on TV taping

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
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Monday, May 11, 2020

REVIEW: Meet Cleaver Theatre

It's the Meet Cleaver Theatre review! We love Butch Cleaver! (originally written October 2012).

Yes... the Meet Cleaver Theatre review! TV horror host Butch Cleaver and his family specialize in reviews of all kinds of not only horror movies but lots of off the wall subject matter - all very much up our alleyways! So check out Meet Cleaver Theatre’s review with your eyes below!

Meet Cleaver Theatre: "The Brice Kennedy Show"
by Butch R. Cleaver
MeetCleaver.com, October 2012

If there is one thing the Cleavers know and love, it's absolute strangeness and have we found something right up our alley... "The Brice Kennedy Show"! Mix one part talk show with two parts sketch comedy à la "Jackass" and you've got a truly entertaining evening of viewing.

Mr. Kennedy is a comic goldmine, showering small unsuspecting West Virginia towns with a level of absurdity and humor that delights, bemuses (and oftentimes shocks) the locals. From an acerbic and irreverent talk show base, Brice rants and raves, smashes unlucky items with a trademark sledgehammer and interviews everyone from radio hosts, prolific movie makers, local musicians and a number of beautiful co-hosts.

Some highlights to watch out for... "Muffleface" invades an unsuspecting small town! Brice endangers life and limb to drop his drawers in a busy public street (much to the delight of the local ladies)! Watch his mother freak out as he accosts her with beans first thing in the morning! And keep an eye out for the delightful "B-Movie Special"!

And now you have the opportunity to see all these wonderful bits on YouTube. Enjoy, my friends!

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

The History of The Brice Kennedy Show

The historic history of this historical show

Here it is… the history of The Brice Kennedy Show. From its inception in 1999 to Tom Green seeing The Show to its eventual series premiere on YouTube, no details are spared! No stone unturned! Other cliches!


It's "The Brice Kennedy Show"! Grab some popping corn and lick your Uncle Ted's wristwatch as you bear witness to the Return of Comedy! Guitars, licking and sledgehammers... The Idiocy has descended once more! The Show's countless exploits of absurdity and displays of eccentricity will save you from the mundane world of reality television and cookie cutter entertainment!

Born out of the twisted, random psyche of independent film actor Brice Kennedy, The Show is a public access comedic variety talk show television program. Equal parts nonsensical lunacy and performance art, The Show mixes live in-studio guests and musical performances with pre-taped "man on the street" segments, erratic stunts, abstract spectacles and other ridiculous ridiculosities to celebrate the absurd.

The initial concept of The Show dates back to the spring of 1999. When Brice first watched "The Tom Green Show" on MTV, he not only saw cutting edge, in your face comedy but another class clown in HIS mid-twenties still living in HIS parents' basement putting together his own comedy show and, with that, the realization of his own lifelong dream: "The Brice Kennedy Show".

Ideas came quickly as did help from friends and family. Brice immediately grabbed his family's VHS camera and with his friend Rachel in tow, hit the Wal-Marts, the Food Lions and the fast food drive-throughs with mischief on his mind and hilarity in the lens. However, there was one lingering question: where would the studio portion of The Show be taped? After all, there was no public access TV station in Morgantown.

That's where Pittsburgh's PCTV Channel 21 would come in. PCTV was a full public access station but there was a catch. In order to use their facilities, you had to be a resident of the city of Pittsburgh. Of course, this was only a small legal matter to Brice and would not deter him for one second in his newfound quest. Using his friend Eric's physical address and a tall tale involving multiple roommates and utility bills bearing someone else's name (not to mention the luxury of this all taking place in the relatively relaxed pre-9/11 days), he obtained a Pennsylvania driver's license. "The Brice Kennedy Show" had found its home.

Before the first taping (and in between studio episodes), Brice shot plenty of "man on the street" field segments featuring dozens of memorable stunts. He stopped traffic on Patteson Drive by standing in the middle of the road in his underwear. He rushed into the Mon General Hospital Emergency Room (where he would later go on to work) and collapsed into a seizure. He stood alongside The Salvation Army's bell ringer at the Star City Ames Department Store and set up shop as "The Salvation Navy" (with all proceeds given to "the Army"). He assumed the disturbing persona of Muffleface where he disrupted/befriended more of the good people of Star City. He dated his hairdryer, frolicked on an airport runway, licked his microwave, nearly suffocated himself, crashed a McDonald's and a Hardee's, scared his mother "half to death", nearly got arrested posing as Santa Claus at a Wal-Mart and even created his very own dance... the "Kippa Pi". He planned an elaborate stunt for the first episode that involved him being tasered with a stun gun. He petitioned the station for permission, absolving them of any liability but PCTV's Executive Director Don Repella ultimately shot down the idea citing safety concerns.

In October of 2000, after a full year of pre-production, the first episode was taped in the studios of PCTV Channel 21 and The Show was an instant smash among cast and crew working that day. Longtime friend and artist Heather Tennant co-hosted The Show and station intern Nathalie Evrat was the very first guest. Also, television theme song maestro and Brice Kennedy look-a-like Johnny No-Name provided the musical entertainment. Post-production began after the TV taping but distractions with other acting opportunities, frustration from a near-OCD level of editing perfectionism and other factors would put things on hold. "The Brice Kennedy Show" wouldn't debut until two years later.

Before the second studio episode was shot, Brice launched The Show's website and later, BriceKennedy.com, which would serve as a site both for The Show and his acting pursuits. October of 2002 was a very busy month. The second TV taping (which would later become Episode 3) was taped at the Mansfield University TV studio in Wellsboro, PA, which Brice's friend and frequent film collaborator Mark Polonia managed.

"The B-Movie Special" was co-hosted by aspiring singer/songwriter Jaymee Pro as original co-host Heather Tennant had moved to Baltimore. Her departure and the subsequent search for her replacement evolved into a running joke of sorts, with each episode featuring a different co-host. Episode 3 featured the iconic B-movie filmmakers Mark and John Polonia as the special guests with fellow filmmaker and musician Jon McBride rounding out The Show as the musical guest.

Later that month, Brice spoke with Time-Warner cable about airing The Show in Fairmont and Clarksburg although that ultimately fell through. He was also interviewed by the Morgantown newspaper, The Dominion Post, for its entertainment section. He then collaborated with local musician and recording studio guru Mark Poole to record The Show's theme song, "Rock Your Ass Off (Main Title Theme)" and soon the first round of t-shirts were printed to adorn the bodies of Morgantown's citizenry.

In November, an Episode 1 "World Premiere" screening was held at the Morgantown Holiday Inn. Dozens of friends, family, cast and crew turned out for the first public screening of The Show and it was very well received. One week later, "The Brice Kennedy Show" finally made its television debut as it premiered on its new (and legal) home - Preston County, WV's local origination station, Mountain Digital Cable Channel 7. Viewer reaction was both very positive and wildly confusing with people calling in to the studio telling station head Steve Blake they weren't sure what they were watching but they liked it. Mountain Digital 7 had been running teasers and promos for The Show for weeks and Steve fielded plenty of questions on this new local TV anomaly. Immediately after the first airing, The Show received its first fan e-mail. "The Brice Kennedy Show" had arrived.

Episode 2, "The Christmas Special", was shot and aired in December on MD7 with decidedly mixed results, which actually was the intention. The Andy Kaufmann-esque Christmas show featured camera guy and all around first mate Danny Cameron playing Santa Claus and rocking back and forth in his chair, ho-ho-ho'ing into the camera… for thirty solid minutes. Suffice to say, Santa's relentless joy confused the viewers as intended.

More publicity was generated in January of 2003 to promote The Show's first taping with a live studio audience. Brice was interviewed again for The Dominion Post and went on future guest Eric McGuire's WVAQ morning show a couple of times.

Episode 4 was shot in January at The Digital Domain Theater in Reedsville followed by the Episode 5 taping in February. The live audience tapings proved to be a hit with Eric McGuire as Episode 4's guest and documentary filmmaker and director of "The Dancing Outlaw" Jacob Young the guest for Episode 5. Morgantown rock heroes Sandra Black and Kingwood-based band Stimulus served up the good stuff for everyone's ears at the two tapings while musician/actress Meghan King and crewmembers Danny Cameron and Todd Bowman all shared in the madness as co-hosts.

Unfortunately, these two episodes were shelved due to then-perceived technical mishaps. For a number of years, Episodes 4 and 5 were known as "the lost episodes" and were written off. Post-production finally began some time later as it was decided that the source material, especially the guests, was simply too good to neglect, regardless of quality (which turned out much better than feared). In the end, lackluster production values or not, Episodes 4 and 5 would ultimately see the light of day.

In March, WVMusicScene.com gave The Show a great review. For the April taping, The Show relocated closer to home - to the more acoustically friendly Monongalia Arts Center. WVU college radio station U92's DJ and all around keen gal Jamie Arnold served as co-host with showbiz veteran and longtime radio personality Larry Nelson as the guest. Easily the most charismatic guest yet, Larry provided some great laughs as this show proved to be a fun romp. Although turnout for the taping wasn't as great as the previous two shows, Episode 6 had a real hometown feel to it. Once again, Sandra Black was a part of The Show as brothers Billy and Dan Zwiener rocked out as a duo. This episode would end up being the last studio taping and ironically, out of all the TV tapings, was the first one to be shot in Brice's hometown.

In May, Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes, "Doug and Julie Williams" of "Days of Our Lives" fame, came to town to take part in a West Virginia Public Theater production. So through the magic and influence of both Larry Nelson and the Mon Arts Center's Ro Brooks, who by this time was serving as Brice’s manager, he was able to secure an interview with them. A few weeks after booking the soap stars, the biggest interview to date was about to take place... but also, a very costly lesson was about to be learned. The two NBC stars sat down for a 45-minute interview. Bill Hayes was a complete class act, happily taking part in all the fun Brice had in store including being presented with a coonskin cap to honor his 1955 Billboard #1 hit "The Ballad of Davy Crockett". He also joined Brice as the pair dined on some delicious toast and jelly made right there on the desk live during the interview.

Susan, however, was a typical prima donna as her diva attitude and expectations of network-level standards was quite out of step with the reality of a local cable access show. Ultimately, though the interview went very well, they refused to allow the footage to be used in any way. The reason? On The Show's website, there was a picture of Brice at age ten, clad only in his underwear with a Pac-Man pillowcase wrapped around his waist. The caption read "Child Porn: Brice Kennedy - The Early Years". And so ended the relationship between Brice and the NBC stars.

As luck would have it, Brice had forgotten to have them sign the usual talent release forms, so without their consent, he couldn't legally air the interview. Also, oddly enough, one of the two master tapes came up missing the day after the interview - a mystery that remains to this day. However, there is an interesting footnote to the story. Years later, a completely random production error occurred during the editing of Episode 5. The mistake, which was certainly accidental and definitely not done on purpose by Brice for any reason, somehow inadvertently caused several frames of video from the interview to be spliced into a separate and completely unrelated promo where coincidentally, their images appear directly after the offending "child porn" image found on The Show's website. This sequence eventually wound up in the final cut. So maybe Brice didn't get the last laugh per se, but at the twenty-six minute mark of the episode, there certainly was a smirk or two to be had.

In August, The Show was finally set to debut on Morgantown's Channel 3. Although Channel 3 wasn't a true public access channel, Adelphia Cable planned to start featuring local original programming and The Show was slated to be a part of that. Unfortunately, in the eleventh hour, they decided to go another route and Brice was informed they would not be opening their channel to the public. So once again, the wind was taken from The Show's sails as it slipped into hibernation. Of course, Adelphia would go on to declare bankruptcy a short time later, which only further spoke to their lack of sound judgment - an obvious and direct consequence of Adelphia not meeting public demand for "The Brice Kennedy Show". More smirks were to be had.

Things remained on hiatus until August of 2005, when post-production on Episode 6 was completed and the episode premiered not on television but "live on tape" as part of the "Arts on the River" film festival. The film fest took place at the Monongalia Arts Center, the same venue where the episode was taped two years earlier. However, with no TV deal in place, The Show went on yet another hiatus solidifying its status as the "Chinese Democracy" of public access television.

As the months and years went by, numerous field segments were taped around Morgantown as well as at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis and other memorable locales. Brice also won an original painting on eBay. This particular piece happened to be the work of none other than Phil Giroux, one of the co-hosts of "The Tom Green Show". Despite the painting not being featured in a future episode as originally planned, interacting with one of the guys from the show that inspired "The Brice Kennedy Show" thrilled Brice immensely.

In the summer of 2009, a "best of" feature film was produced. "The Brice Kennedy Show: The Movie" was screened that December at the Marriott SpringHill Suites for an audience of friends, family, cast and crew. Not only did the film include the "greatest hits" of the series but it also marked the first time material from Episodes 4 and 5, "the lost episodes", was shown to the public.

In February of 2010, Brice got the opportunity to meet and thank the comedian responsible for inspiring his journey - Tom Green. Tom's stand-up comedy tour made a stop in Pittsburgh and Brice made sure to be right there in the front row, inches from Tom, where he shared high fives, fist bumps and even some back and forth dialogue during his show. For a brief moment, "The Brice Kennedy Show" and "The Tom Green Show" shared the same stage.

After the show, Brice met Tom and gave him a DVD copy of "The Brice Kennedy Show: The Movie". To his surprise, Tom actually recognized the movie from the TomGreen.com forum where Brice had posted some clips days earlier. For him, this was the ultimate compliment: Tom Green had watched "The Brice Kennedy Show".

Post-production would eventually resume and over the course of the next few years, the finishing touches were quietly placed upon each episode.

So now, for the very first time, all six original episodes are available for the world to see. The full series as well as numerous promos, web-exclusive segments and other content can be found online via YouTube. After more than a decade of delay and distraction, and in the wake of countless intermittent post-production sessions, the story of a boy and his video camera has come full circle as "The Brice Kennedy Show" is finally complete.

Kippa Pi!

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

Thursday, May 07, 2020


The Salvation Navy!

The first show with a live audience is about to scratch all of your itches! Description below!

Episode 4: A New Home, 37 min
Guest: Eric McGuire, Musical Guest: Stimulus, Co-Host: Meghan King

The fourth episode of the Show of The Brice Kennedy features WV broadcasting icon and WVAQ morning show host, the incomparable Eric McGuire. You can't compare him. You can't. Preston County's own Stimulus brings some serious hard rock to the party and the talented and quirky Meghan King co-hosts the hell out of this show! Taped at The Digital Domain Theater in Reedsville on January 4, 2003, the venue provided the first opportunity to tape with a live audience and what an added dimension it's proven to be!

The Brice Kennedy Show: Episode 4 on YouTube

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Friday, May 01, 2020


Yes. Starring him.

The Show's hour-long B-Movie Special, is here to tickle your... well, you'll see. Description below!

Episode 3: The B-Movie Special, 55 min
Guests: Mark and John Polonia, Musical Guest: Jon McBride, Co-Host: Jaymee Pro

The B-Movie Special… an episode named not only for its guests but for its spirit - filmmaking! Pioneering SOV filmmakers Mark and the late, great John Polonia were the evening's guests with fellow director/actor/musician/pastry chef-but-only-during-a-Harvest-Moon Jon McBride as the musical guest. Taped on October 27, 2002 at Mansfield University's Television Studios in Mansfield, PA, Episode 3 also features the overly enthusiastic, overly giggly Jaymee Pro co-hosting live via satellite from Morgantown, WV! It's a good time! It's The B-Movie Special!

The Brice Kennedy Show: Episode 3 on YouTube

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REVIEW: House of Schlock

Tim Shrum's House of Schlock (review originally written October 2010)

Here's a review from the fine folk over at the House of Schlock, specifically the weird mind of Tim Shrum ("keeping it weird" being a motto for life, mind you). He's too kind to The Brice Kennedy Show. Too kind, I tell ya!

Also, if you're looking for some kickass stickers, t-shirts or other wacky fun ORIGINAL designy doo-dads, Tim does a bang up job at all 37! So head on over to House of Schlock to check his stuff out at once!

The House of Schlock review

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

Sunday, April 26, 2020


Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Santy Claus yukking it up in Episode 2

It's time for Episode 2! Here’s Part 1 of the second episode, The Brice Kennedy Show Christmas Special! So get ready for St. Nick Kringle… ho-ho-hoooooooo! Description below!

Episode 2: The Christmas Special, 31 min
Host: Santa Claus, Co-Host: Santa Claus, Guest: Santa Claus, Musical Guest: Santa Claus

It's The Christmas Special! Here's hoping you like Santa! The Kaufmanesque second episode of The Show held its taping at the legendary North Pole Estate in Westover on December 17, 2002. Bucking the usual trend of needing several decades to edit an individual episode, this show would actually air a mere four days later. It’s Santy!

The Brice Kennedy Show: Episode 2 on YouTube

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Monday, April 20, 2020

The Dominion Post: The Show

The Dominion Post covers The Brice Kennedy Show! (originally written October 2002)

The Dominion Post's Marquee section featured a nice piece on me, written by Lisa Ann Musick, just as I was preparing to launch The Show. They've got amazing taste in public access television programs.

The Dominion Post article on The Show

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

Friday, April 17, 2020

The Show on the Internet Movie Database

The IMDb.

So here’s The Show’s all-new page on the Internet Movie Database, complete with new pictures, reviews, trivia and more! It’s more delicious than apple butter, that’s for sure!

The BK Show on the IMDb

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

REVIEW: WV Music Scene

The WV Music Scene review (originally written March 2003)

So here's the very first review ever penned for The Brice Kennedy Show by the one... the only... the absolutely INcomparable Elise Adkins of WVMusicScene.com! And if you don't agree that she's incomparable... well, I have pity on your soul because she will devour your very essence and take you to the depths of... well, you get the idea. Don't fuck with Elise. Elsewise, you fuck with me!

ANYway, WVMusicScene.com is now defunct so the link takes you to my old Tripod page where I THINK most of the links work. The important things are her words. It's Elise!

WV Music Scene review

The Brice Kennedy Show on YouTube
The Brice Kennedy Show on Facebook

Wednesday, April 15, 2020



Well, hello here! So, any of you who know me know of my on/off again TV project The Brice Kennedy Show. You'll also know that it's been OFF for far too long. Well…

I am beyond ecstatic to say that today, Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is the day my absurdist brand of lunacy makes its REAL debut to the largest audience possible… everyone.

The Brice Kennedy Show is now showing on YouTube.

That's right, Episode 1 is now live with “new” episodes premiering every Wednesday! This marks the first time the full series will be seen in its entirety anywhere! Description below!

Episode 1: The Pilot, 31 min
Guest: Nathalie Evrat, Musical Guest: Johnny No-Name, Co-Host: Heather Tennant

Here we go… the first episode of The Brice Kennedy Show - the very genesis of The Idiocy! The TV taping took place on October 18, 2000 at Pittsburgh's PCTV Channel 21 studios. Episode 1 features station intern Nathalie Evrat serving as the first guest. Defensive. Uptight. French. She's a charmer. TV theme song cover artist Johnny No-Name and the lovely and eccentric co-host Heather Tennant also join in the fun! The show made its debut at a gala World Premiere event held at the majestic Morgantown Holiday Inn in late 2002 and the following week, finally aired on Mountain Digital Cable Channel 7 in Preston County.

The Brice Kennedy Show: Episode 1 on YouTube

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It's the Official Facebook Page!

The Brice Kennedy Show on The Book of Face Show

Hello, kiddies! Are you on that page? That Face page? That Book of Faces place? If you are, then you can see The Show there, too! That's right... The Show with a capital T and S! 'Cause it's there... on the Facebook!

The Official Facebook Page of The Brice Kennedy Show Facebook Page