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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Brice Kennedy Show: The Movie

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At long last, definitive proof of Armageddon (November 2009).


So, after cutting Episode 7 for a few weeks now, I'm finding there's just too much stuff that MUST be included in a "Best Of" clip show and it's clear that for this to be a true "Best Of" it has to run longer than an hour. So this means I finally have the opportunity to produce what John Polonia said I should've years ago... THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW: THE MOVIE!!

The film will probably top out at around 1:20 and will be similar to JACKASS: THE MOVIE in that it will basically be one long episode. The unofficial title of the film will be "The Brice Kennedy Show: The Movie - The Very Best of the Essential Greatest Hits of The Brice Kennedy Show Anthology Collection: The Complete Works - Season One: 1999-2009, Vol. 1: The Public Access Years (Director's Cut) - 'A Decade of The Idiocy' 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD VHS Laser-ray" besting BORAT for longest movie title... not EVER but maybe in recent years. Making this feature length also opens up other doors making options like DVD distribution and Amazon.com sales possible plus, of course, another feature film credit on IMDb. Should be exciting!

So come on down and celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of The Show with free beer and hilarity! Sandra Black will do their take on my theme song and it's being kept a surprise from me so that should be interesting. The event, formerly known as The "The Best of The Brice Kennedy Show" Show, will take place on Saturday, December 12th at 7PM at the Marriott SpringHill Suites behind the Burger King in Sabraton.

It's The Idiocy! It's The Return of Comedy! It's The Brice Kennedy Show... as a movie?! WTF?! It's THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW: THE MOVIE, Billy!

RSVP through the Official Facebook Event, by e-mail or phone at: (3 0 4)  2 8 8 - 5 2 5 8.

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The Brice Kennedy Show YouTube channel

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Episode 7 World Premiere Next Month!

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The very best (November 2009).

You've seen it on Mountain Digital Channel 7...
You've been to the premieres and film festivals...
You can watch it on YouTube...
And now, you can see the very best…


featuring the WORLD PREMIERE of EPISODE 7:
"The Very Best of the Essential Greatest Hits of The Brice Kennedy Show Anthology Collection: The Complete Works - Season One: 1999-2009, Vol. 1: The Public Access Years (Director's Cut) - 'A Decade of The Idiocy' 10th Anniversary Special Edition DVD VHS Laser-ray"

Come celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of The Brice Kennedy Show on Saturday, December 12th, 2009 at 7PM at the Marriott SpringHill Suites located at 1910 Hunter's Way in Morgantown (behind the Sabraton Burger King)! The Idiocy returns in a new episode filled with all the best guitars, licking and sledgehammers from the first six episodes of The Show!

Free beer! Free snacks! Free thumbtacks! Hilarity! Contests! Prizes! Sandra Black performing the theme song live! Eric McGuire! Jacob Young! The Polonia Brothers! Larry Nelson! Nathalie Evrat! Jon McBride! Stimulus! Johnny No-Name! The Zwiener Brothers! More names and words followed by exclamation points!

So let The Return of Comedy save you from the mundane world of reality television and cookie cutter entertainment! Then head over to the after party at 123 Pleasant Street located at 123 Pleasant Street! Kippa Pi!

Interested parties can RSVP through the Official Facebook Event, by e-mail or phone at: (3 0 4)  2 8 8 - 5 2 5 8.

Born out of the twisted, random psyche of independent film actor Brice Kennedy, The Brice Kennedy Show is a public access comedic variety talk show television program. Equal parts nonsensical chicanery and performance art, The Show mixes live in-studio guests and musical performances with pre-taped 'man on the street' segments, erratic stunts, abstract spectacles and other ridiculous ridiculosities to celebrate the absurd.

"... Brice's totally twisted, and sometimes surreal, comedic bent shines through."

"... Kennedy brings humor to the screen not only with his amusing antics... His energetic persona could draw even the quietest guest out of his or her shell."
-Mary-Lynn Bender, Writer of college essay about The Show

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday, Show!

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A decade of The Idiocy (1999-2009).

It’s hard to believe but next month marks ten years since I first came up with the concept of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW. Ten years since that fateful day near the beginning of the decade when I learned of a public access TV station in Pittsburgh, PCTV 21... and with that the possibility that all my dreams of wonderfully silly creative expression could actually materialize. Ten years of The Idiocy represented by countless acts of chicanery and deabauchery... from standing in the middle of the road in my underwear to pissing off my mom by shaking a bag of beans at her at 6 in the morning to interviewing (and pissing off) "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" soap stars. Ten years of editing, then not editing for months (and years) on end. A long, bumpy, beautiful decade.

So last week, my buddy Eric Brown and I cut the VO for The Weekly Word Four. The Weekly Word Four was this little act that we'd do around each other back in junior high that consisted of one of us holding up two fingers (just because) and stating that week's "four words". The first (and most memorable) week's words were: sound, farm, chest, book. See kids, THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW can wax educational, too. It was the first NEW audio for The Show in years and, in a sign of how much time had passed, I used my iPhone of all things to record the voiceovers of Eric and I each stating the "word four".

Fittingly enough, I started work on The Show at the start of this decade and by year's end, will be wrapping things up... at the end of this decade. The closer I get to actually finishing this thing, the more I see everything coming full circle. Giddy and gee.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a Sim! And a Part of Trivial Pursuit!

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Brice Kennedy: The Sim.

So I was clicking buttons on my computer machine one time and found something that made me look at it with my eyes. Apparently some guy named Asher plays The Sims a lot and named one of his characters... (roll of the drums)... Brice Kennedy. I'm a Sim! You can check out the Kennedy family here, here and here.

I also learned whilst Googling myself that I was part of a question in some kind of b-movie quiz thing. On the Return of the Killer B Movies quiz, scroll down to #5 to see the question about my character in the film Night Thirst. The wonders of the internets.

Main page
Brice's Sim Life 1
Brice's Sim Life 2
Return of the Killer B Movies quiz

Monday, August 24, 2009

Waking up to The BK Show

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Mommy's upset.

Until all the episodes are fully ready... wake up, Mommard.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

New BriceKennedy.Net! Acting Reviews!

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THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW main title screenshot.

So in order to protect the hot commodity... the household name... the precious BRAND that I have indeed become, I decided to register the BriceKennedy.NET domain name in addition to .COM. Upon securing the highly sought-after URL, the registrar GoDaddy.com, obviously recognizing the entertainment powerhouse that is The BK, opted to throw in BriceKennedy.INFO for a few bills more. So now, anytime you want to access this brilliant blog, you can go to my name .COM,. NET or .INFO! Oh, the choices!!

So sometimes, when I'm checking out reviews of films I've done, it's not always the most pleasant experience (as anyone who's been in this kind of boat can tell you). It's not all bad... it's just that with some of the b-movies I've been involved with, bad acting in general is sometimes cited along with other criticisms which are fair at times, other times not as fair. It's not that there's a complaint about my performance specifically. Actually, I don't recall being singled out as a bad actor (although I admit that selective memory can be a very potent mind trick). Seriously though, any decent performance turned in by myself or one of my fellow actor buddies does tend to get lost in the shuffle at times. So it's nice when I read a review or comment somewhere from someone who "gets it" and doesn't unfairly compare these films with the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I was checking out some reviews on Amazon the other day and came across a couple of comments on PETER ROTTENTAIL and SPLATTER BEACH that DID single me out and had a few nice things to say.

"A high point was the acting of Brice Kennedy. Although often presenting awkwardly written dialogue, he managed to draw you in and make you forget that he was acting. I could see him being a pretty good character actor in mainstream movies or TV."
"PETER ROTTENTAIL" review on Amazon

"Brice Kennedy is very funny as 'cool-dude' Rodney, chunky chain with a large dollar sign around his neck, clunky line in coolspeak..."
"SPLATTER BEACH" review on Amazon

"With Kennedy's latest role, he clearly reaches the very pinnacle of intense character study... displaying true dedication to his craft, his performance is one of those rare cinematic treats unparalleled in modern Hollywood."
Roger Ebert

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brice Kennedy: The Netflix Collection

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THE DA VINCI CURSE (this has little to do with the post but it's a lovely shot).

I'm on Netflix! While this isn't exactly anything new, I wanted to mention this here because a few people have told me their actor page on me doesn't list all the films they have o' mine so here are the individual links... oh and I also added links in the sidebar on the right to my pages on Netflix, Blockbuster, Fandango and AllMovieGuide as well as my IndieResourceGuide resume/headhot/reel page. Links-A-Plenty!








Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

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Michael Jackson. I don't usually get wrapped up in the celebrity stuff so I was caught off guard when I found myself crying over the past week or so. But I grew up listening to MJ both in the 80's and 90's and feel a somewhat of a connection through the music. I don't care what anyone says (and trust me when I say that it will be popular to say this from now on, but I've said it all along): I never believed Michael was guilty of anything other than being different thanks in part to a tragic childhood leading to an absolute alien-like experience of what we call life.

Discovering the genius melding of the rock and dance of "Beat It"... getting the MJ doll for Christmas... trying to incorporate the moonwalk into my breakdancing routine... getting scared out of my Pac-Man PJ's watching "Thriller"... my pal Bobby and I singing along to all 37 singles from "Bad"... watching the premiere of "Black or White" after THE SIMPSONS... honing my impersonation to the amusement of Jay and Ryan... flipping out at the awesomeness of "Scream"... I'm only now realizing how much these memories mean to me... and how many...

Thank you Michael. Rest in peace, my friend, for you have inspired millions.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Week of Boyhood Dreams!

"Mr. Class" Brice Kennedy poses with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair (April 2009).

Posing with the legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu (April 2009).

I recently met two of my childhood heroes: the greatest professional wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots and the greatest video game composer to ever score a note: "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair and the great Nobuo Uematsu... okay, so they're still my heroes.

I first caught a flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan to see the "Distant Worlds" Final Fantasy symphony. I also have family there and had fun visiting cousins Tina, Jessi and Mark while I was in town. The music of Final Fantasy is some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard and Uematsu's music has inspired, uplifted and entertained me since the original Final Fantasy back in the late eighties. The symphony was amazing and even Tina, who wasn't familiar with the music, turned to me and said "Oh my god" upon hearing the accompanying Grand Rapids Chamber Choir.

All the great FF tracks were represented: "Aerith's Theme", "One Winged Angel", "Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec", "Chocobo's Theme", "To Zanarkand" and other memorable pieces. One of the highlights was when they played a cut scene from FFVIII followed by the random battle zoom in effect and then immediately started into "Don't Be Afraid", the FFVIII battle theme! I actually called my pals Jay and Nick during a couple of tracks so they could hear... and maybe to gloat a little. They also ended the set by playing "Terra's Theme" from FFVI (which was also the end credits from the game) then rolled credits from the concerts over the original game credits. Sleek! Hearing this great music live was an unforgettable experience.

After the concert, I actually met a friend I knew only from YouTube which lent a real community feel to the event. Then, I headed upstairs to meet Nobuo Uematsu... to actually meet the guy who composed all these dozens and dozens of great tracks! While waiting in line, I met someone interesting people including a couple who came all the way from Salt Lake City. So, after waiting in line for an hour and a half, I approached the table where Uematsu-san was sitting with Arnie Roth, conductor of the tour. I was a little nervous, not so much to meet him but because I was about to say "thank you" in Japanese. While bowing, I said, "doomo arigato gozaimasu", meaning "thank you very much" which is the most respectful form of thank you. We actually spoke a bit before I stepped aside letting someone else have their turn. I told him how I'd been playing his music on piano for decades and how wonderful it was to thank him in person. He hadn't done a lot of meet and greets here in states and seemed to be genuinely overwhelmed by the turnout and enthusiasm of the fans. He was very gracious and a real class act.

My Week of Boyhood Dreams continued a few days later as my best pal Sam and I headed down to Charleston to meet THE MAN. I've followed pro wrestling since 1985 or so. Yes, I know it's fake. So is LOST, CSI: MIAMI and everything else on television. Technically, it's not fake; it's choreographed and the outcome is predetermined but... I digress. Anyway, so yeah I still watch the male soap opera as it's still great fun and there's never been anyone greater than the dirtiest player in the game... the kiss-stealin', wheelin'-dealin', limousine-ridin', jet-flying son-of-a-gun who kissed ALL the girls and made 'em cry... "Nature Boy" Ric Flair! Whooooooo!!

Sam and I got to the Charleston Town Center Mall for the autograph signing at about a quarter 'till the hour and the line inside was loooooong. Thankfully, we bought the VIP package and our line wasn't quite as long. After a while, the crowd erupted which could only mean one thing - 'Naitch was in town! We waited for about 20 minutes or so and finally it was our turn. we mapped out our strategy to take each other's pictures and, at the last minute, abandoned it entirely, probably because we were so stoked. I went first and approached Ric and what do I see? He's texting! So I'm standing there for like, 15 seconds and he has the audacity to continue texting and ignoring me. I think I know the reason. You see, I'm not just a fan of Ric's. I'm a rival. Years ago, I ran the AWL, the Arena Wrestling League where I wrestled professionally as "Mr. Class" Brice Kennedy, the AWL World Heavyweight Champion. It's obvious that through my personal home video collection of my friends and I wrestling pillows and stuffed animals, he'd gotten word of my incessant challenges to him and to this day, was continuing to duck my challenge. OR... texting some random hot chick thirty years his junior for a random hook-up was a bit more important than the 241st fan standing in front of him. One of the two.

So after immediately forgiving him this little faux pas, I approached him somewhat nervously and told him that there was nothing truly original I could say that he hadn't heard but wanted to tell you about the time I was most excited to see him in the ring. I then proceeded to tell him about a match back in 1995 (SuperBrawl V, to be specific) where he was retired and was in another wrestler's corner (Vader) in a match against Hulk Hogan. Hogan, who'd retired flair months earlier, won the match and Flair was livid. He jumped in the ring and just destroyed Hogan. Ha... I was so excited to recount this with THE MAN WHO DID IT! I even started acting it out, stomping the invisible man lying on the ground in front of me and Ric was grinning ear to ear. He chuckled and said thank you and asked me for my name as he signed an old 8x10 I used to have on my cork board back in the day. Man, it was awesome! So I waited while Sam talked to him and told him about his favorite moment, the 1991 Royal Rumble when he won the WWF title.

After the autographs, we waited off to the side for our photo ops. I took a few more cell phone pics and Ric came over for the picture. I asked him if he could deliver one of his trademarked "chops" and he said he couldn't... but then did! I was chopped by Ric Flair! The best part was the actual picture though because we both held up the four fingers and posed AS HORSEMEN. Haha... for that moment, I was one of The Four Horsemen! Holding up the four fingers has become somewhat of a trademark for me so that was a sweet added touch.

On the way home, Sam spotted this guy wearing a brown camo top and blue camo pants along the side of the road and remarked "Hey, there's Guile!" Of course, I HAD to acknowledge seeing one of favorite characters from "Street Fighter II" and the SECOND celebrity today. So I rolled down my window, yelled "Guile!" and took a picture as I yelled "Sonic boom!" Haha, Sam and I laughed for like ten minutes about it! Great times!!!!!

Over my thirty plus years, and to some degree through acting and all, I've met my fair share of celebs but this was literally the most excited I'd ever been. Finally... "Mr. Class" and "The Nature Boy"! Whooooooo!! An epic week.

Pics of meeting Ric Flair
Pics of meeting Nobuo Uematsu and the Distant Words concert
"Aerith's Theme" video (taken at the symphony)
Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy