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B I O F I L M S I M A G E S V I D E O E - M A I L

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Lost Posts, Final Entry

We ARE Marshall. In case you forgot.

(Original Intended Date: 12-22-06)


Though the premiere of WE ARE MARSHALL was actually held in Huntington, WV last week (yes, I'm serious), the film makes its national premiere in theatres across the country today.

I will never forget my experience working on this movie. From chatting it up with Brian Geraghty to being personally directed by the film's director McG, the whole adventure was surreal. And it wasn't a "starstruck" kind of thing from a stand-in's persepctive (actually, just like my experience on MAMA FLORA'S FAMILY, I was more excited for myself than I was to see any celebrity)... no, this was far more profound. It was the visceral experience of seeing the mystical Tinseltown in front of my face and watching them work, realizing how very similar the filmmaking process was to my own independent film ventures, albeit on a larger scale. Suddenly Hollywood seemed a hell of a lot more realistic... and completely attainable.

This reaffirmation of my own drive - my goal of moving to LA - THIS is what I took away from the set of WE ARE MARSHALL. The plan that I set forth last May is in full swing and, although the timeline has shifted, I am no less focused on the future. Viva life!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Lost Posts, Entry #6

Brice becomes a nephew... or something.

(Original Intended Date: 11-8-06)


I'm an uncle! Tonight, my sister Angela gave birth to a seven pound baby boy, Seth James Gilmore Kennedy! Named after my maternal grandfather, James Gilmore, Seth will carry on the Gilmore family name, albeit in middle name form. Seth James Gilmore Kennedy. Sounds like a president or an actor. Such distinction can only be achieved with four names.

To cap off the day, Donald Rumsfeld resigned! Couple this news with the fact that the Democrats are poised to take both the House AND Senate... aaah, the balance of power is shifting.

On all levels, new days are dawning...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Lost Posts, Entry #5

Dead Knight. A knight. That's dead.

(Original Intended Date: 10-31-06)


Happy Halloween! THE DA VINCI CURSE, the movie formerly known as HELLSHOCK, then BLACK MASS, is undergoing yet another title change. It will now be known in the states as DEAD KNIGHT. It could still be released overseas under another name (one of the aforementioned perhaps) but domestically, DEAD KNIGHT is the name... at least for now. Given the number of name changes this little baby's been through, I shan't say this with any certainty, after all. I've gotta say that I don't really think this name hits home. It sounds pretty generic if you ask me. BLACK MASS is way better, in my opinion... BUT the new trailer is up at Cine Excel's site and it looks pretty cool.

Another link of interest to anyone who likes to wax philosophical about low budget cinema would be found here. Apparently, a filmmaker named Don Jolly (god, that's great) from Austin, TX posted an entire dissertation on the "philosophy" of BLOOD RED PLANET, the first movie in which I ever had a speaking role. Ha!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Lost Posts, Entry #4

My first, last and only attempt at a collage in the Shop of Photos.

(Original Intended Date: 9-24-06)


So I just got back from the SPLATTER BEACH shoot and I'm happy to say that after nearly ten years of professional acting, I finally had my first love scene.

As unsettling as it is for me to type (and for you to read) "lust" and "Brice" in the same sentence, indeed it was a lust scene. Haha... in this bedroom scene, Erika Smith and I start making out when she shoves me down on the bed, leaps on top of me and pulls down her dress revealing two reasons for me as an actor to "stay motivated". So, cheesy comments aside, I then roll on top of her and continue making out until John yells "cut". Tough life for an actor.

Oh yeah, there were other scenes, too... mostly on the beach. Although I shot some exteriors last month in Ocean City, most of the actual beach scenes were knocked out this weekend at Preque Isle State Park, a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie and is often referred to as Pennsylvania's only "seashore". Another highlight of this movie was my character. Rodney Spinner is a shallow, smart-ass white boy-turned-rapper, Eminem-poser type of guy who I absolutely loved playing. I don't know which was more ridiculous... my wegro accent or over-sized basketball player wannabe outfit (representin' WVU yo!).

It was cool working with Dave Fife again (wacky as always, that one) as well as Mark and John, Erin Brown, DP Brett Piper, Erika and everyone. The only person I missed working with this go 'round was Ken Van Sant, as his scenes were shot after I left. I was wrapped in about 24 hours which easily made this the shortest shoot I've ever been on but, all told, it was a pretty kick-ass time.

SPLATTER BEACH's entry in the IMDb

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Lost Posts, Entry #3

Me, Angela, Cara and Atlantic Ocean Kennedy (August 2006).

(Original Intended Date: 9-2-06)


My sisters and I headed out to the beach last week (God, could that sound any more "Lifetime"?). Anyway, with NewsChannel 5's resident meteorologist and pal Bob Metcalfe following us to meet his own family there, we headed east to Ocean City to claim as much of the remaining summer fun as we could. It was a short weekend trip that was really more of a combined birthday trip for Angela and Cara than an all-out excursion. We did manage to fit in some jet-skiing where I scared the hell out of Cara by going about 50 mph faster than she wanted. On a dinner cruise, I kept looking at Angela fully expecting her to succumb to nausea at any minute (pregnant women + fast boats = sickness), but she was a trooper. I also kept up my tradition of running along the shores of the Atlantic at 5 in the morning. Aaah, only at the beach.

Speaking of beaches, I've been cast in a key role in the upcoming gem, SPLATTER BEACH. The film is a bit of a throwback to the old monster movies of the 1950's, although it's set in modern day. Incidentally, while I was in Ocean City, I shot some beach exteriors for the movie. Anyway, so I play Rodney Spinner, a shallow, late twenty-something white/urban/poser bling-bling knock-off moron type. Think Kevin Federline with even less credibility, or, if you prefer, any young white male nowadays. The movie features Erin Brown (a.k.a. Misty Mundae) as well as Erika Smith, Ken Van Sant and Dave Fife. PETER ROTTENTAIL fans (ahem) may get a kick out of seeing the on-screen reunion pairing of Dave and I. While we didn't exactly reprise our roles as James and Lenny, I think we might be making a bigger splash (yeah, pun, yeah) with this one. Always fun working with that guy. SPLATTER BEACH is the first film on EI Independent Cinema's new Camp Pictures label and as from what I understand, it's slated for a Summer '07 release.

Ha! Funny story... Cara told me that our cousin Lynette had recently rented a movie. So here she was curled up under a blanket, popcorn in tow, all ready for a good 'ol fashioned horror movie, when all of a sudden she screams at the screen, "Hey!! That's my cousin!" Without realizing I was in it, she'd rented HELLGATE! Poor, poor girl.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Lost Posts, Entry #2

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair does the strut of eternal greatness (August 2006).

(Original Intended Date: 8-13-06)


As most of my friends and family know, I'm a lifelong pro wrestling fan and have always been a huge mark (wrestling lingo for "fan") for the greatest professional wrestler to ever grace the squared circle, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Andre the Giant... none of them were ever even in the same league as Ric Flair. They weren't worthy of lacing the man's boots and couldn't even, in the words of fellow grappler Triple H, "hold His jock". From the lavish robes to the melodramatic style to a ring entrance so extravagant, it featured the theme song of God himself - the majestic "Also Sprach Zarathrustra" (of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY), I've always appreciated the bravado... the over-the-top drama of Flair. Imagine that. Me appreciating drama.

I'd had opportunities to see him perform before. WWE and WCW shows with Flair on the bill had previously come to Charleston, Pittsburgh and other stones-throw cities but, for one reason or another, I never made it. So when my good friend and co-worker, Jody Hinkle, told me that an upcoming WWE show in Charleston was to feature Flair, I flipped. "Not this time", I said. At 57, who knows how much longer Ric'll be wrestling. I've seen one God as I witnessed Michael Jordan and His Bulls win the NBA Championship at the United Center back in '96. It was now time to see another as Ric Flair would rock the Civic Center in '06. Silly as some regard it, pro wrestling (and ergo Flair) is so ridiculously entertaining, I'll probably never stop watching it. As my good friend Melissa would say, "the boy in the man".

So, long story short, Jody and I made our way to the state capital and indeed, saw Flair "style and profile" as only He could. We saw Him arrive in His Lincoln Town Car with His trademark smile and all-encompassing persona. Unfortunately, He didn't stick around for autographs. Damnit. But, I did get to stand about thirty feet from The Man and bask in His eternal greatness and, as the all-too-blurry picture above (damn Kodak digital camera) can attest, Flair can still strut His stuff and likely will until the day He dies in the ring... as it should be.

Whooo indeed.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Lost Posts, Entry #1

Over the past eight months, this site has been without updates. No news reported, no humor attempted, no effort exerted on my part whatsoever. Why had I not posted on my own site since last May? Was I laid out with mono? Kidnapped in Bulgaria and held for ransom? Working on a new MySpace alternative? Did one of my fourteen fans worldwide stalk and then kill me? I'm sure all of my friends, family and the collective internet community have been holding their breath. The answer is as simple as people who watch reality television (no offense, 95% of the U.S. population) - I was lazy.

Truth is, I've had lots of cool stuff happen in the second half of 2006. After the WE ARE MARSHALL shoot, I found myself concentrating more on my renewed interest in heading west and somehow just got out of the habit of posting. So, to make up for many moons worth of seeing a BriceKennedy.com sans updates, I now present a mini-series of updates known as "The Lost Posts". I give you... Entry #1:

(Original Intended Date: 5/15/06)


Just when I thought life couldn't get any more surreal, what movie makes an appearance at the legendary Cannes Film Festival? None other than THE DA VINCI CURSE!! Yes, THAT Cannes Film Festival! A movie I appeared in! The French Riviera's 59th Festival de Cannes played host to my latest venture, THE DA VINCI CURSE (formerly known as BLACK MASS). The film was taken there by the distributor to generate interest and, while it may not have been treated to a red carpet premiere with Johnny Depp and Martin Scorcese in attendance, it was featured at Cannes, possibly even being screened. Yes, while Ron Howard's THE DA VINCI CODE had its world premiere at Cannes, Jon McBride and the Polonias' THE DA VINCI CURSE also made its presence known! Hells yeahs! CBS, Blockbuster Video, Warner Bros. and now Cannes! My devious plan of global media saturation/domination is nearly complete! Of course, if it WERE to recieve a big budget, blockbuster-style premiere, I'm thinking the Palme d'Or would be a fitting prize...

Article: Indy Movies Take the Cannes Film Festival