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The Brice Kennedy Show is here.

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B I O F I L M S I M A G E S V I D E O E - M A I L

Friday, December 23, 2005

Incidents and Accidents

Three weeks ago...

Three hours ago...

Three weeks back, I was heading home after some Christmas shopping when I got into a pretty serious auto accident... a head on collision resulting in a 65 mph impact for myself and the other guy. I had yet to buckle up so thank god for the airbag. Overall, I'm fine save for some bumps and bruises. Needless to say it could've been a lot worse. I'm here which is all that matters.

Of course, it's even greater to be alive AND driving again. Just days ago, I got a new set... a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire... midrange miles but for a helluva price. All told, December has been an adventurous roller coaster of a month. Is THIS what it's like to be 30??

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Uhh, Um... Title of Boob... Blog... Post... Ummm...

Caption... picture... description of... umm, yeah.

What does the un-f@%&ing-believably sexy Catherine Bell (JAG, BRUCE ALMIGHTY) have to do with film reviews of movies I've done?

Nothing. Sonofabitch.


P.S. BLACK MASS, my latest movie, is now finished and being shopped around for a distribution deal. Great things are abreast... AFOOT, afoot...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Future Mrs. Kennedy


Well I AM single again. I can dream.... and have.

So my new place is awesome. A huge new TV, a fridge stocked full of root beer and lots of room to do Balki's Dance of Joy. I forgot how refreshing it can be coming home to your own little world, answering to no one. It's crazy how much personal stuff I've gotten done in the last couple of months. Refreshing... though sometimes lonely.

So the Episode 6 Premiere of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW back in August went well. Scaring Mommy on her way to work, The Zweiner Brothers rocking the MAC, the Larry Nelson interview... Episode 6 put smiles o' plenty on many a face in Motown. The crowd definitely could have been bigger but those in attendance were diehards and loved ones. A lower turnout was due to a couple of things. The MAC's film festival could have used some better promotion. Also, folks in Morgantown assumed that anything to do with the arts that week was cancelled due to the Don Knotts Festival being postponed. I was sad to see Don cancel. Sitting on the board for the Don Knotts Festival, I was counting the days until I could work with him. Maybe next year?

So I've been busy lately editing Episode 3 of my show, featuring Mark and John Polonia with Jon McBride and Jaymee Pro. After I'm done with that, I've got a few other artistic endeavors on my plate. Editing the Digital Domain (Reedsville) episodes of the show, Episodes 4 and 5, is obviously a top priority. I think guests Eric McGuire and Jacob Young assumed I've dropped off the face of the earth. You can expect the long-rumored Season 1 DVD sometime around Spring 2017. In the much nearer future, the Polonias and I may be teaming up to shoot a joint feature. I'm trying to tap a couple of names for the project. Time will tell how it pans out.



The Irish Sea (photo by Penny Kennedy, September 2004).

Life is not the same.

Since I last updated this blog, my world has turned upside down and inside out. I write this entry with a solemn disposition and a heavy heart. After two and a half years of being together, Melissa and I have called it quits. We decided to split up a few weeks ago as we're both headed in very different directions. After months of indecision, we gradually came to accept this as inevitable. That being said, my time with Melissa has meant more to me than I can say and has truly been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

With many, many good times and the not-so-good times few and far between, I take away so much from this chapter of my life. During our time together, I've learned a lot about love, relationships, family and what's important in life. Life is short... and fragile. I've learned to live every day to its absolute fullest. In the last two and a half years, I've grown in ways too numerous to count. The cliche "parted as friends" doesn't apply as we're not parting... just changing. We remain very close.

We always will.

Turn the page.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Savior of Comedy Returns

THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW storms the Mon Arts Center once more.

Hip-hip... hooray! Hip-hip... hooray! Hip-hip... hooray! It's THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW Episode 6 World Premiere!

The latest episode of The Show will premiere next Wednesday, August 17th at 7PM at the Monongalia Arts Center located at 107 High Street in Morgantown. The Premiere is part of the Arts on the River Festival's film festival.

Episode 6 of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW, taped live at the MAC in May 2003, features long-time local radio staple Larry Nelson as our guest, Billy and Dan Zweiner of the band Sandra Black as musical guests and Jamie Arnold, of U92 radio fame, as the co-host. Brice visits the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, takes on his lawn, destroys something with his trusty sledgehammer and scares the bejezzus out of his mommy on her way to work.

In addition to THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW, other screenings include: a documentary on independent film directors Mark and John Polonia, the short films PLAY (also by me), THE JANITOR and other films. The entire Arts on the River film festival runs this Monday, August 15th through Wednesday, August 17th and admission is $5.

What else ya gonna do? Sit at home and watch reality TV? Come bear witness to the comedic goodness of THE BRUCE KARNADY SHOW!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Food of the Gods

The elusive and delectable Boo Berry.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Episode 6

Looking at The BK Show through the lens of Todd Bowman (May 2003).

I finally finished post production on Episode 6 of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW. The sixth installment of the show was shot in May of 2003 at the Monongalia Arts Center in Morgantown.

My guest is Larry Nelson, formerly of Froggy 102.7's morning show, who has worked in radio and television for more than 30 years. Also, Billy and Dan Zwiener of the band Sandra Black stop in for a tune or two and I venture to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland to interview random persons and spread THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW love.

Eventually, I'll be putting the entire series (Episodes 1-6) on DVD. I've been asked if I'm planning to air the show again on public access. I think that as I'm concentrating on reporting, it'd be a conflict of interest to air the show in its current form so, for now at least, I have no plans to air or market the show. But one never knows what the future holds. And if you really wanna see it, just give me a yell. ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Pumpkins to Reform

Corgan. Wretzky. Chamberlin. Iha. Perfection.

Today is the greatest day I've ever known.


Friday, June 17, 2005

A New Caaaaaar!!

1993 Chrysler Lebaron with 54K miles on it for $1250. Not bad. (June 2005)

So I meet this guy recently who tells me to "come on down" to Missouri. I told him the "Price" was definitely "Right". All lame-o "Price Is Right" puns aside, I just got back from Ozark, Missouri where I did indeed get my new car.

I found my new best friend on eBay of all places and despite some initial skepticism decided not to pass up this deal. It's a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron 4-door sedan with a 3.0L V6 and only 54,000 miles. The best part? I got it for $1250 so I definitely made out alright. My friend Danny Cameron, of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW and WEST VIRGINIA WORKS "fame", accompanied me on my 14 hour journey to the Show Me state. We passed through Columbus and Indianapolis and stopped off in St. Louis where we got to see the Gateway Arch and drove over medians in our late-model Dodge Dakota rental.

Things turned a bit dramatic as the starter blew just minutes before arriving in Ozark. Wade, the seller, fixed the problem at no charge and everyone was all smiles again. We were exhausted as we turned right around and drove back, this time through Kentucky. So I got a kick-ass road trip AND a kick-ass deal out of it. I wonder what I'll do next weekend.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back From Hell

(l-r) Brian Berry, Bob Dennis, Dave Fife, Ken VanSant & Brice Kennedy
take no prisoners in HELLSHOCK (May 2005).

Well, I just got back last week from Wellsboro where the Polonias and Jon McBride finished principal photography on HELLSHOCK. In the movie, I play Private Danby, one of four U.S. Army soldiers who find themselves in the middle of Bulgaria during WWII. The band of soldiers encounter an odd Bulgarian priest who isn't all that he seems. I shan't say too much more about the plot but I will say that it was awesome to finally get to work with Bob Dennis, Brian Berry and Ken VanSant in person. We've all been in features together but always shot our scenes separately so that was nice. It was also great staying at Ye Olde Germania Store and Lodge, a rustic old time country store and lodge from the 1800's. The atmosphere and hospitality really added to the trip. Thanks Lonnie and Roxy!

HELLSHOCK is slated for a mid-December release and the guys hope to have a theatrical premiere at the Arcadia Theater in downtown Wellsboro. You can find more pics and info on HELLSHOCK and other films at The Cult of Polonia fan site.

Also, a quick shout to my man Optimus Prime over in Iraq. Optimus - yes, the guy from Ohio who legally changed his name to that of the Transformers character - Optimus is a firefighter in the National Guard and currently stationed in Iraq. He recently sent me some pictures from over there which I'll probably post in the near future. Godspeed, brother.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Music For Your Ears

Yeah, so I haven't posted anything of note in a couple of weeks. Music you say?

Sandra Black. These guys have been on my show several times and their sound is so addictingly unique... just go there.

The Emergency. What can I say? If you aren't listening to their stuff, you'd better call Jan Care Ambulance Service as you obviously have a serious medical deficiency of some sort.

Monday, May 09, 2005

New Movies!

RAZORTEETH, now available everywhere... starring ME! (April 2005).

My latest movie just hit the streets! A downed plane! A lake with bikini-clad babes! A Russian experiment gone awry! Underwater shots of piranha! Yes, RAZORTEETH is out on DVD!

In the newest offering from the legendary Polonia Brothers, I play FBI Agent Dawson... one of the bad guys, which is a nice change. Agent Dawson dispatches another agent to a resort lake where a crashed plane has unleashed legions of killer pirahna. As the distributor, SRS Cinema, put it, RAZORTEETH "takes a bite out of old fashioned drive-in cinema". RAZORTEETH is available from Barnes & Noble, Netflix, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock.com, CD Universe or directly from SRS Cinema.

At the end of the month, I'll also be traveling to Wellsboro to shoot the next adventure, the WWII supernatural thriller HELLSHOCK. You can check out more info about the movie at the fan site The Cult of Polonia.

Oh yeah, hello to Jody and Kassie. Peeping Toms!

Friday, April 15, 2005

For Your Hometown News... I'm Brice Kennedy

We go now live... to Brice Kennedy (March 2005).

It's official! I'm a reporter!

After months of paying my dues as a lowly news intern, I've been hired as a Weekend Reporter! I should be on the air in a month or two (politics not withstanding) and will be seen on NewsChannel 5's Weekend Edition Saturdays at 6:00pm.

I'll be all over the map covering Monongalia, Marion, Harrison and the lower counties. I'll also be damned busy as I'm still pretty green. Nonetheless, I'm starting this weekend and can't wait to dive in. And so it begins.

Friday, April 08, 2005


The Polonia Brothers have a brand-spankin' new Yahoo group (March 2005).

Damn, today was strange.

At work, the morning show was preempted due to Pope John Paul II's funeral, the daily groove was thrown into a state of disarray, and one of our anchors left WDTV for greener pastures. As a coworker said, NOTHING about today was routine.

Anyway, a funny story a friend told me a while back... he was sitting on his couch half-asleep and watching an episode of NYPD Blue. Sipowicz was at the police station interrogating some punk when he says "You tell your boy, BRICE KENNEDY, that we're comin' for him!" Ha! Apparently, David E. Kelley is a fan of my show!

The films of Mark and John Polonia finally get their due thanks to the new fan club, The Cult of Polonia. Stop in and check out the pics from the FEEDERS and PETER ROTTENTAIL sets. Chat it up with Tim, John and the gang. Marvel at the official scripts of Polonia projects! Nearly all the films I've worked in and on are featured here and above that, it's a great tribute to the Masters of Making Something Out of Nothing, the Polonia Brothers!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

A New Day


Welcome to the NEW BriceKennedy.com

So here it is. Simplified. Streamlined. Personal.

This is my new "blog" site. Blog. Short for "weblog" so they say. Why not "eblog" then? Hmph. So it's the latest web hipster craze. I still feel weird calling anything a "blog" so from this point forward, this is my "site". I thought that since it's kind of a pain to keep up both my acting and public access show sites, I'd just have one home, home on the web. I won't be updating my old acting site and will only be updating THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW site if I do anything with the show. There are links to both in the sidebar to the right.

I also wanted to revamp the site to make it more personal instead of just posting updates about my acting endeavors. So expect to hear anything from my take on politics to the exploits of a man working in TV news to what I had for breakfast this morning (Fruity Pebbles, most likely). Feel free to check out my Filmography page which includes my acting resume. I'll be adding an image gallery and a more thorough Bio page soon, too. Guess that about does it on this end. Cheers!


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Jiggeda James

WDTV's own resident meteorologist James Canterbury and three other loyal employees

James Canterbury is our morning weather guy. He's studying for his meteorology seals. Sometimes I say "jiggeda" to him for no reason. I love blog.

P.S. This is my first real blog post ever. Ever.


Mike Troy Smith as 'Hollaback' (June 2003).

Random picture from my 2003 movie HOLLA! IF I KILL YOU shot in New York City. Why shoot on location in NYC? Because we could.