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B I O F I L M S I M A G E S V I D E O E - M A I L

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Uhh, Um... Title of Boob... Blog... Post... Ummm...

Caption... picture... description of... umm, yeah.

What does the un-f@%&ing-believably sexy Catherine Bell (JAG, BRUCE ALMIGHTY) have to do with film reviews of movies I've done?

Nothing. Sonofabitch.


P.S. BLACK MASS, my latest movie, is now finished and being shopped around for a distribution deal. Great things are abreast... AFOOT, afoot...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Future Mrs. Kennedy


Well I AM single again. I can dream.... and have.

So my new place is awesome. A huge new TV, a fridge stocked full of root beer and lots of room to do Balki's Dance of Joy. I forgot how refreshing it can be coming home to your own little world, answering to no one. It's crazy how much personal stuff I've gotten done in the last couple of months. Refreshing... though sometimes lonely.

So the Episode 6 Premiere of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW back in August went well. Scaring Mommy on her way to work, The Zweiner Brothers rocking the MAC, the Larry Nelson interview... Episode 6 put smiles o' plenty on many a face in Motown. The crowd definitely could have been bigger but those in attendance were diehards and loved ones. A lower turnout was due to a couple of things. The MAC's film festival could have used some better promotion. Also, folks in Morgantown assumed that anything to do with the arts that week was cancelled due to the Don Knotts Festival being postponed. I was sad to see Don cancel. Sitting on the board for the Don Knotts Festival, I was counting the days until I could work with him. Maybe next year?

So I've been busy lately editing Episode 3 of my show, featuring Mark and John Polonia with Jon McBride and Jaymee Pro. After I'm done with that, I've got a few other artistic endeavors on my plate. Editing the Digital Domain (Reedsville) episodes of the show, Episodes 4 and 5, is obviously a top priority. I think guests Eric McGuire and Jacob Young assumed I've dropped off the face of the earth. You can expect the long-rumored Season 1 DVD sometime around Spring 2017. In the much nearer future, the Polonias and I may be teaming up to shoot a joint feature. I'm trying to tap a couple of names for the project. Time will tell how it pans out.



The Irish Sea (photo by Penny Kennedy, September 2004).

Life is not the same.

Since I last updated this blog, my world has turned upside down and inside out. I write this entry with a solemn disposition and a heavy heart. After two and a half years of being together, Melissa and I have called it quits. We decided to split up a few weeks ago as we're both headed in very different directions. After months of indecision, we gradually came to accept this as inevitable. That being said, my time with Melissa has meant more to me than I can say and has truly been one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

With many, many good times and the not-so-good times few and far between, I take away so much from this chapter of my life. During our time together, I've learned a lot about love, relationships, family and what's important in life. Life is short... and fragile. I've learned to live every day to its absolute fullest. In the last two and a half years, I've grown in ways too numerous to count. The cliche "parted as friends" doesn't apply as we're not parting... just changing. We remain very close.

We always will.

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