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Friday, February 26, 2010


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Collage of films I've been a part of (as of 2005).

I'm retiring from acting. Yep, I'm serious.

Over the past few years, I've lost interest in acting and also lost touch with a few people who I've regularly worked with. It's been a natural progression as I've turned down some things here and there and just worked less in general... not that I ever had the busiest schedule. I don't know... I suppose the gimmick has worn off a bit? A major part of it is the lack of challenge. While I'll always be grateful for the opportunities I've had, there are only so many ways you can scream at a rubber monster or get killed on camera by the next ridiculous prop. Don't get me wrong - I've loved working on B-movies. They've been a hell of a lot of fun and there actually have been a few scenes here and there I'd happily put on my demo reel - and have. I'm lucky and grateful to have a resume and will always feel particularly indebted to Mark and the late John Polonia. It's just that it never was my dream to do low budget horror almost exclusively. It's not ALL I've done but if my name were to be synonymous with anything (aside from maybe my show), it'd be indie horror.

I'm not crying "poor me" or anything. Quite the contrary! For a guy who never moved to NYC or LA, I managed to build a resume of ten films, most of which are available for rent or purchase across the country with one or two available internationally. I've walked into a Blockbuster Video and seen myself on the video shelves. Hell, I've even gotten fan mail and a few autograph requests! I'm very proud of that. No, I suppose if I really wanted to be taken more seriously or wanted to pursue more comedy or drama, I would have. If I moved to NYC or LA as I've threatened to do for years, I would've felt challenged... reinvigorated. If I REALLY wanted more opportunity to do the projects I always envisioned being a part of, I would've pursued those avenues. The truth is that, as time has marched on, my interest in acting in general has waned.

It's been a fun ride and who knows? Maybe at some point, if something interesting comes my way, I'll take another look at things. But I really feel that chapter has come to a close. I'll still finish putting The BK Show episodes up on YouTube (slowly but surely but slowly) and maybe have another showing of the film but after that, that's it.

And of course, there's the OTHER reason: how many people get to retire from anything in their 30's? I mean, really... athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs. You really can't overstate the cool factor here.

So what's next? Golfing, eating at Wendy's and reading People magazine all day? No, I've always had a major interest/obsession with music. I've taken voice, piano and guitar lessons off and on for years and auditioned for a few bands and such but never really followed through. I've always had the ear and it's an outlet I've neglected for far too long. In the last couple of years in particular, I've found myself gravitating toward making music. So for now, it's open mic nights and karaoke as I'm still getting used to singing in front of people. I'm also getting ready to throw down some bread for a humble home recording studio. As for the future, who knows? Too early to tell. All I know is that I'm ready to turn the page and explore something I've wanted for a long, long time. Viva life!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Brice Meets Tom Green!

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This is what it's like when worlds collide. (February 2010).

Tom Green brought his World Stand Up Comedy Tour to The Improv in Pittsburgh this past Saturday and you can bet I was there! His act was freaking hilarious as the show was sold out. Ron and I were there about half an hour before the doors opened and were one of the first in line. Our seats were amazing... so close I was resting my leg on the stage! Needless to say, being that close there was plenty of interaction with Tom. We high fived, shook hands, fist-bumped and yelled out stuff at one another several times during his act! I think he could tell who the true fans in the audience were.

After the show, we made our way out to the lobby where I finally got the chance to meet him. I shook his hand and thanked him for the inspiration to do my own show. Then, I gave him a copy of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW: THE MOVIE and he told me that he'd seen the theme song video I posted on his site. Tom Green ALREADY watched The BK Show! Ha!

All in all, it was a phenomenal night. Tom was down to earth and a cool cat and The Improv's atmosphere, staff, food and drinks were top notch. They get great comedians there all the time... highly recommended.

Pics from the show.
The Improv

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Church of Scissors and Grapes

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Official logo of The Church of Scissors and Grapes (February 2010).

Are you lost?
Do you feel like life has no purpose?
Have you ever wondered if there's anything more out there?

Scisapism is the way.

Welcome to The Church of Scissors and Grapes. For those seeking life's true answers, Scisapism offers fulfillment through two of life's most majestic creations. We believe that by literally worshipping Scissors and Grapes, one can attain a sense of serenity and contentment and is moved to feel at peace with the wonders of life. Blessed are those touched by handle and vine.

So why Scissors? Why Grapes? It's simple: we believe. Isn't that a good enough answer? Well, of course not. Believing "just because" is an incredibly silly reason to worship any deity. The truth is that with other religions people often complain of not FEELING anything. However, Scisapists know that by cutting objects and eating grapes, you're using your five senses to bask in Their eminent splendor and all of life's worries and negativity seem to just fade away.

While we respect other religions, The Church of Scissors and Grapes also stands firm in our belief that the true path lies with blade and seed. Worshipping false gods such as Buddha, Jesus, Xenu and the Flying Spaghetti Monster will only lead to confusion and disappointment. You don't need to sit in church questioning the fairy tales anymore. If you've tried the Christianities, the Judaisms and the Scientologies and were left feeling empty, Scisapism welcomes you. And for those of you who other religions might call "science types" who need evidence to believe, you'll find that, unlike other religions, deity confirmation is simple. You can SEE the Scissors. TASTE the Grapes. All who worship Them know that that Scisapism is the way. Handle and vine, blade and seed... Scissor and Grape.

So why believe in something you can't see... nor hear, touch, smell or taste? The answer is simple. You don't have to. After all, it may be true that not all who wander are lost. But all who WONDER certainly are. So wonder no more! Don't just believe. KNOW... that Scisapism is the way.

The Church of Scissors and Grapes.
"Through blade and seed, all shall thrive."

Official Facebook Group of The Church of Scissors and Grapes