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Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a Sim! And a Part of Trivial Pursuit!

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Brice Kennedy: The Sim.

So I was clicking buttons on my computer machine one time and found something that made me look at it with my eyes. Apparently some guy named Asher plays The Sims a lot and named one of his characters... (roll of the drums)... Brice Kennedy. I'm a Sim! You can check out the Kennedy family here, here and here.

I also learned whilst Googling myself that I was part of a question in some kind of b-movie quiz thing. On the Return of the Killer B Movies quiz, scroll down to #5 to see the question about my character in the film Night Thirst. The wonders of the internets.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Waking up to The BK Show

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Mommy's upset.

Until all the episodes are fully ready... wake up, Mommard.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

New BriceKennedy.Net! Acting Reviews!

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THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW main title screenshot.

So in order to protect the hot commodity... the household name... the precious BRAND that I have indeed become, I decided to register the BriceKennedy.NET domain name in addition to .COM. Upon securing the highly sought-after URL, the registrar GoDaddy.com, obviously recognizing the entertainment powerhouse that is The BK, opted to throw in BriceKennedy.INFO for a few bills more. So now, anytime you want to access this brilliant blog, you can go to my name .COM,. NET or .INFO! Oh, the choices!!

So sometimes, when I'm checking out reviews of films I've done, it's not always the most pleasant experience (as anyone who's been in this kind of boat can tell you). It's not all bad... it's just that with some of the b-movies I've been involved with, bad acting in general is sometimes cited along with other criticisms which are fair at times, other times not as fair. It's not that there's a complaint about my performance specifically. Actually, I don't recall being singled out as a bad actor (although I admit that selective memory can be a very potent mind trick). Seriously though, any decent performance turned in by myself or one of my fellow actor buddies does tend to get lost in the shuffle at times. So it's nice when I read a review or comment somewhere from someone who "gets it" and doesn't unfairly compare these films with the latest Hollywood blockbuster. I was checking out some reviews on Amazon the other day and came across a couple of comments on PETER ROTTENTAIL and SPLATTER BEACH that DID single me out and had a few nice things to say.

"A high point was the acting of Brice Kennedy. Although often presenting awkwardly written dialogue, he managed to draw you in and make you forget that he was acting. I could see him being a pretty good character actor in mainstream movies or TV."
"PETER ROTTENTAIL" review on Amazon

"Brice Kennedy is very funny as 'cool-dude' Rodney, chunky chain with a large dollar sign around his neck, clunky line in coolspeak..."
"SPLATTER BEACH" review on Amazon

"With Kennedy's latest role, he clearly reaches the very pinnacle of intense character study... displaying true dedication to his craft, his performance is one of those rare cinematic treats unparalleled in modern Hollywood."
Roger Ebert