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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back From Hell

(l-r) Brian Berry, Bob Dennis, Dave Fife, Ken VanSant & Brice Kennedy
take no prisoners in HELLSHOCK (May 2005).

Well, I just got back last week from Wellsboro where the Polonias and Jon McBride finished principal photography on HELLSHOCK. In the movie, I play Private Danby, one of four U.S. Army soldiers who find themselves in the middle of Bulgaria during WWII. The band of soldiers encounter an odd Bulgarian priest who isn't all that he seems. I shan't say too much more about the plot but I will say that it was awesome to finally get to work with Bob Dennis, Brian Berry and Ken VanSant in person. We've all been in features together but always shot our scenes separately so that was nice. It was also great staying at Ye Olde Germania Store and Lodge, a rustic old time country store and lodge from the 1800's. The atmosphere and hospitality really added to the trip. Thanks Lonnie and Roxy!

HELLSHOCK is slated for a mid-December release and the guys hope to have a theatrical premiere at the Arcadia Theater in downtown Wellsboro. You can find more pics and info on HELLSHOCK and other films at The Cult of Polonia fan site.

Also, a quick shout to my man Optimus Prime over in Iraq. Optimus - yes, the guy from Ohio who legally changed his name to that of the Transformers character - Optimus is a firefighter in the National Guard and currently stationed in Iraq. He recently sent me some pictures from over there which I'll probably post in the near future. Godspeed, brother.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Music For Your Ears

Yeah, so I haven't posted anything of note in a couple of weeks. Music you say?

Sandra Black. These guys have been on my show several times and their sound is so addictingly unique... just go there.

The Emergency. What can I say? If you aren't listening to their stuff, you'd better call Jan Care Ambulance Service as you obviously have a serious medical deficiency of some sort.

Monday, May 09, 2005

New Movies!

RAZORTEETH, now available everywhere... starring ME! (April 2005).

My latest movie just hit the streets! A downed plane! A lake with bikini-clad babes! A Russian experiment gone awry! Underwater shots of piranha! Yes, RAZORTEETH is out on DVD!

In the newest offering from the legendary Polonia Brothers, I play FBI Agent Dawson... one of the bad guys, which is a nice change. Agent Dawson dispatches another agent to a resort lake where a crashed plane has unleashed legions of killer pirahna. As the distributor, SRS Cinema, put it, RAZORTEETH "takes a bite out of old fashioned drive-in cinema". RAZORTEETH is available from Barnes & Noble, Netflix, Best Buy, Amazon, Overstock.com, CD Universe or directly from SRS Cinema.

At the end of the month, I'll also be traveling to Wellsboro to shoot the next adventure, the WWII supernatural thriller HELLSHOCK. You can check out more info about the movie at the fan site The Cult of Polonia.

Oh yeah, hello to Jody and Kassie. Peeping Toms!