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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday, Show!

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A decade of The Idiocy (1999-2009).

It’s hard to believe but next month marks ten years since I first came up with the concept of THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW. Ten years since that fateful day near the beginning of the decade when I learned of a public access TV station in Pittsburgh, PCTV 21... and with that the possibility that all my dreams of wonderfully silly creative expression could actually materialize. Ten years of The Idiocy represented by countless acts of chicanery and deabauchery... from standing in the middle of the road in my underwear to pissing off my mom by shaking a bag of beans at her at 6 in the morning to interviewing (and pissing off) "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" soap stars. Ten years of editing, then not editing for months (and years) on end. A long, bumpy, beautiful decade.

So last week, my buddy Eric Brown and I cut the VO for The Weekly Word Four. The Weekly Word Four was this little act that we'd do around each other back in junior high that consisted of one of us holding up two fingers (just because) and stating that week's "four words". The first (and most memorable) week's words were: sound, farm, chest, book. See kids, THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW can wax educational, too. It was the first NEW audio for The Show in years and, in a sign of how much time had passed, I used my iPhone of all things to record the voiceovers of Eric and I each stating the "word four".

Fittingly enough, I started work on The Show at the start of this decade and by year's end, will be wrapping things up... at the end of this decade. The closer I get to actually finishing this thing, the more I see everything coming full circle. Giddy and gee.