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Monday, November 10, 2008


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My site's new. Hip, hip...

Yes, I just made a bunch o' changes to BK.com including the banner you see above. My family went to Ireland a few years back and my mom took this picture of the Irish Sea.

I also added DVD and VHS covers of my movies in the sidebar. They're linked to Amazon and other sites to buy/rent the movies. Prove that you love me by buying and renting these fine feature films!

And finally, I added my acting demo reel in the sidebar. It's currently the #4 most viewed clip on YouTube. Or something.

On a personal note, to say I'm THRILLED that the Democrats have once again taken the White House would be an understatement so grave, words cannot describe! So my website isn't the only thing changing. I absolutely cannot wait to finally see President-elect Barack Obama and his new administration begin to undo the damage done by Bush and the neocons over the last eight years. Happy days will indeed soon be here again!