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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blood Red Planet on DVD!

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BLOOD RED PLANET finally comes to DVD (October 2005).

It was bound to happen.

BLOOD RED PLANET, the first movie in which I ever had a speaking role, was finally released on DVD. The film was actually put out a few months ago but I'm lazy and don't update my site that much. At any rate, BLOOD RED PLANET is being offered by Brentwood Home Video as part of a 4-movie set entitled "Galaxy of Terror". You can check it out at Amazon, DeepDiscountDVD.com, Barnes & Noble, etc., etc.

From one of my first films to the latest... BLACK MASS is VERY close to being picked up by a distributor. The details are being hammered out as I write this and from what I understand, it could end up being available nationwide at a certain recognizable retailer. Around the globe, millions of grubby little fingers are crossed.

Also, Episode 3 of my show, The B-Movie Special, is now finished. The B-Movie Special pays homage to independent films and filmmakers everywhere. Mark Polonia, John Polonia, Todd Carpenter, Mia Davis, Jon McBride, Danny Cameron, Kim Gibson and a slew of other actors and personalities make this episode a very, very special one. Two more episodes left to edit and the circle of life is complete.