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Friday, April 15, 2005

For Your Hometown News... I'm Brice Kennedy

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We go now live... to Brice Kennedy (March 2005).

It's official! I'm a reporter!

After months of paying my dues as a lowly news intern, I've been hired as a Weekend Reporter! I should be on the air in a month or two and can be seen on NewsChannel 5's Weekend Edition Saturdays at 6:00pm.

I'll be all over the map covering Monongalia, Marion, Harrison and the lower counties. I'll also be damned busy as I'm still pretty green. Nonetheless, I'm starting this weekend and can't wait to dive in. And so it begins.

Friday, April 08, 2005


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The brand-spankin' new Polonia Brothers Yahoo group (March 2005).

Damn, today was strange.

At work, the morning show was preempted due to Pope John Paul II's funeral, the daily groove was thrown into a state of disarray, and one of our anchors left WDTV for greener pastures. As a coworker said, NOTHING about today was routine.

Anyway, a funny story a friend told me a while back... he was sitting on his couch half-asleep and watching an episode of NYPD Blue. Sipowicz was at the police station interrogating some punk when he says "You tell your boy, BRICE KENNEDY, that we're comin' for him!" Ha! Apparently, David E. Kelley is a fan of my show!

The films of Mark and John Polonia finally get their due thanks to the new fan club, The Cult of Polonia. Stop in and check out the pics from the FEEDERS and PETER ROTTENTAIL sets. Chat it up with Tim, John and the gang. Marvel at the official scripts of Polonia projects! Nearly all the films I've worked in and on are featured here and above that, it's a great tribute to the Masters of Making Something Out of Nothing, the Polonia Brothers!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

A New Day

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Welcome to the NEW BriceKennedy.com

So here it is. Simplified. Streamlined. Personal.

This is my new "blog" site. Blog. Short for "weblog" so they say. Why not "eblog" then? Hmph. So it's the latest web hipster craze. I still feel weird calling anything a "blog" so from this point forward, this is my "site". I thought that since it's kind of a pain to keep up both my acting and public access show sites, I'd just have one home, home on the web. I won't be updating my old acting site and will only be updating THE BRICE KENNEDY SHOW site if I do anything with the show. There are links to both in the sidebar to the right.

I also wanted to revamp the site to make it more personal instead of just posting updates about my acting endeavors. So expect to hear anything from my take on politics to the exploits of a man working in TV news to what I had for breakfast this morning (Fruity Pebbles, most likely). Feel free to check out my Filmography page which includes my acting resume. I'll be adding an image gallery and a more thorough Bio page soon, too. Guess that about does it on this end. Cheers!